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Bow Wow Film Fest Hosting FAQ

Who hosts a Bow Wow!?

We work with animal rescues, theaters, dog themed companies and clubs! These organizations host an afternoon or evening program with 2 hours of lovingly curated, fun filled and delightful dog centric short films.

What does it take to Host a Bow Wow Film Fest?

We only succeed if you succeed so we make putting on Bow Wow easy! We want your organization to not only raise funding and goodwill but also to raise awareness of your presence in the community. To that end, Bow Wow provides a complete plan-we help your organization find a venue, pick a date, provide timelines, a graphics pkg and marketing support to help make your event wildly successful.

This sounds great! How much time do we need?

We can make a Bow Wow Film Festival happen from “Roll ‘em” to “That’s a wrap”, in 3-6 months.


The cost of hosting a Bow Wow Film Fest is $295 which includes marketing collateral and sponsor giveaways! We do not want the initial cost to be a deterrent, if it is a concern, please connect with us to discuss!  Typically, our organizations easily cover the cost of the program with ticket sales and local sponsorships.

How do I host?

Fill out our ‘Host a Show’ form, give us a call or shoot us an email-we can connect and get a Bow Wow rolling for you!

To get started contact us at

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