Who named Fido?

by Rianna Neal

Despite all the nicknames we give our four-legged friends, they always have an official name on their collar. These names always come with a great story!

894c4f58-ee39-4d45-a31a-e1a79cf0b3cdAccording to the American Kennel club, the most popular dog names in 2015 for male dogs were Tucker, Bear, Duke, Toby, and Rocky. For female dogs the most common were Bailey, Chloe, Sophie, Maggie, and Sadie.

How did you name your dog? Here is a completion of some of the great naming stories we have heard:

One Family has two black labs. The youngest, named Yukon, was named after the family took a trip to Alaska. The slightly bigger dog, Mac, was named after his relative, Zac, who was also a member of the family years before.

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 8.31.00 AM(Baby Mac From Erin McAleer)

Another woman is a big fan of the Denver Broncos. She named her dog Bailey after Broncos Champ Bailey. Bailey is a mix of several breeds and is the largest of all her siblings. They were born after their mother was adopted by a family member who found out their mother was pregnant when they showed up!

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 8.31.06 AMOne woman lived in Alaska for a while named her dogs after the rivers, Cobuk and Copper. The family has a golden retriever lab mix named Josey, after Josey Wales, (a western movie with Clint Eastwood) and a pup named Cainer after Avalanche player Patrick Cain.

Do you have a great story how you named you dog? Let us know!