$30 Rover Discount Code-When you have to leave your Pet. 

Rover Discount Code-Get $30 off your first Booking!

Bow Wow Film Fest works with many wonderful doggie companies. One of these is Rover, who is helping us help more animals as a national sponsor. With this Rover Discount Code, you get $30 off, and we get $30 to help keep the lights on! Here is one experience of ours with Rover…

We recently had an unexpected opportunity to catch some spring powder skiing in Utah. The friend we were staying with is allergic to dogs and our dog Segundo’s 2 favorite sitters were both out of town. We did not want to miss this opportunity, and boarding does not work well for our pup, so we turned to Rover.

Rover Discount Code

What is Rover?

Founded in 2011, Rover is an online platform that offers the pet services you need from drop in visits, dog walking, to boarding & house-sitting. All sitters & walkers go through a series of processes to vet their capabilities and Rover strongly encourages pet owners to review their experiences after the visits or stay is complete so you can trust that you will find the person that is best for your furry BFF!  Sitters & walkers create profiles and offer detailed information about their experience and environment your pet will be in, which was significant for us because our princess prefers a home without cats or kiddos!  Rover also offers its sitters and walkers 24 hr support and vet assistance if there is an issue that arises with your pet.

From stressed to psyched-we found the perfect sitter!

We were able to book a stay with Kelly M., easily and efficiently using the Rover platform. Kelly has with over 70, 5 star verified reviews, doggies are allowed on the couch in Kelly’s home and there were and no cats or kiddos in the house, which suited our princess just fine!  Kelly was great with updates and sent us photos every day.   We were able to pick up our pup long after a boarding facility would be closed for the night, and after we picked Segundo up, Rover sent us a video of all the photos Kelly had taken!

Rover Benefits- Perfect for your Pet & Perfect for your schedule

  • Sitters can be chosen based on your pet preferences
  • Rover is growing their network across the country, so availability is great
  • Great for all situations, last minute trips, days your pup will be home alone or housesitting.
  • Sitters can be flexible about pickup and drop off times
  • Easy to communicate with sitter
  • Very cost effective
  • Ongoing pet care education for dog sitters
  • Insurance 724/7 support for sitter and pet parent

We will use Rover again!

A happy & cared for Pup, great communication and easy to use-what’s not to love!?

And…Click here for a Rover Discount Code

$30 off your first Booking!