Road trip with my Dog?!  Yes please!  Telluride Edition!

by Susan Kelley |

Headed to Telluride!?  Excellent because Telluride is very dog-friendly, in fact, I would call it a puppy paradise!  This article will give you ideas on what to do with your dog in Telluride and where to stay with your dog in Telluride.

Telluride Road Trip with Dogs

Photo credit: Mary Kenez

Places to Stay

There are 2 places to stay in the Telluride region that don’t require driving once you throw down the dog bed.  You can stay in the town of Telluride proper or the town of Mt Village, dog-friendly gondola ride away!  Telluride is nice but Mountain Village has its charm as well and it’s a bit more affordable.  There is also amazing camping right in the town park and a short drive into in the national forest all around town.

Here are a couple of spots that do not have size or breed restrictions, don’t charge an exorbitant dog fee and won’t break the bank!


The Blue Collar Boutique- This sweet little studio is right next to the river trail, a wonderful easy trail along the San Miguel River

2 bedroom Riverside-Great location, if you are there in the winter, it is ski in ski out.  In the summer you can walk right up the ski trails through the flowers and woods. Dogs do not need to be leashed on the ski area in the summer; just don’t let them chase the Marmots, or whistlepigs as they are known locally!

Mountain Lodge-Great hiking right out the door.  Also, ski in ski out in the winter

Time for snacks! Dog-Friendly establishments

Due to health codes in Colorado, you cannot take dogs into a restaurant that serves food but you can bring them onto decks or into establishments that have food trucks serving food rather than an in-house kitchen!

La Cocina-This is a wonderful dog-friendly patio adjacent to the restaurant.  There is also a food cart that is open sometimes that serves delicious Middle Eastern food.

Fat Alley-While you cannot technically take your dog onto the patio at Fat Alley, you can get a table that borders on the grassy area adjacent to the patio.  This way you dog can sit right next to you just on the outside of the short fence.  Bonus, Fat Alley is right off of the River Trail.  Yes there is a theme here, my pup loves the river!

Great Food carts-On the plaza by the gondola in town as well as in the park across from the courthouse, you will find a varying array of tasty food carts and plenty of grassy places to sit with your pup!

Things to do with your Pup

Telluride is a hiker’s wonderland, from an easy amble down the River Trail, (it really is great) to some great steeper stuff like the Jud Weibe or Bear Creek.  Be sure to take plenty of water for you and your pup as the altitude in the town of Telluride is 8500 ft and hydration is important.  Hanging out on Main St with a cup of coffee and your pup?!  That too is very popular in Telluride!  There is a great pet store in town, if your pup runs out of treats and a groomer as well.  And if you find yourself there in July, maybe you will be lucky enough to score tickets to the Bow Wow Film Fest premier!  Its the 3rd Sunday of July every year at the historic Sheridan Opera House!  Sorry no dogs allowed…house rules.

Have you been to Telluride?!  Did you take your dog?!  If so, how did it go?  Let us know what was great and what wasn’t so great with your dog in Telluride.

In the meantime, Road trip with my dog?!  Yes Please!

Photo credit: Mary Kenez 

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