Partnerships – Sponsoring Bow Wow Film Festival

by Rianna Neal

After receiving an amazing letter testimony from a woman who attended a show, we created this video about partnerships with us, Bow Wow Film Festival.

and… Here it is!

2017 BWFF Sponsorship Video

Our partnerships with companies such as Zukes, Alpine Bank, Rover, and other have helped make possible what we do. Connecting with sponsors on a national level helps us to reach more dog organizations and helps them to reach a nationwide audience. Sponsorships from dog-theme companies allow them to have their products be seen by dog-loving and adoring audiences across North America.

We have worked with several great sponsors and we can’t say thank you enough! We view sponsorships as partnerships that are built to last. Just watch the amazing video above!

Questions? Looking for a Pawesome company to partner with? Contact us today!