New Years Resolutions with Your Pup

by Rianna Neal | 

It’s that time of year again. It is the beginning of a new year, a fresh start and everyone is making resolutions. These resolutions are sometimes hard to keep. So this year let’s try a better way and make a resolution with your pup!


Here are five suggestions for ways you can make some fun resolutions for you and your pup to have a great 2017:

1. Go For Walks! el-salvador-1782203_1280
Go for a walk together every week, or every day! A walk is a great exercise for both you and your dog. Set a goal for a time that works in your daily routine to take your dog for a walk. This could be a great way to meet new people and see more around your neighboorhood.

2. Have a morning routine together

Dogs thrive off of routine, and so do people. Getting a great morning start to your day can make your day be even better, especially when you start it with your dog. Do you feed your dog at the same time you eat or let them out when you are getting dressed in the morning? Maybe you play a game of fetch with your dog while you have your morning coffee.

3. Take some pamper time, watch some of your fav Netflix shows and brush your pup
Everyone needs some me time, especially you and your pup! As the weather warms up, your dog will probably start to shed their fur. Make a Saturday night date plan to watch your favorite show and brush your dog. This is some great time spent for both of you!

4. Go to the dog park once a month, meet new people and pups!

Social interactions are great for both of you. Dogs need to socialize and it is good opportunity to meet people with similar interests- like dogs! Check which dog parks are in your local area. There are also likely groups that meet at the park during specific times every week or so. For example, A pug meet up every Saturday morning!

5. Hug your dog and tell them a reason you are grateful for them every day
Being grateful for what we have every day is good for us. You dog needs the love too.


What do you think about this list of New Year’s Resolution you can make with your pup? Would you add any more? Let us know in the comments on Facebook!