Moving Your Dog To Hawaii

by Rianna |

Moving Your Dog to Hawaii is quite a process as Head Howler Rianna Neal has recently discovered. However, with some planning and organization, it can be done. Here is an account of her experience along with a checklist for those planning to move thier dog to Hawaii.

Moving Your Dog to Hawaii

Moving Your Dog to Hawaii

This past month I moved to Hawaii along with my fiancé and our two little mutts, Maple & Pancake. It was quite an experience figuring out all the logistics from getting stuff and cars and humans and dogs from Connecticut to Hawaii!

There are a few great companies out there that can manage the move for you. They will pick up your dog and take care them through the shipping process and bring them right too your new door on Island. This is probably the easiest process to moving your dog to Hawaii

This is a great service….but, we opted for the DIY option. Before the dogs fly, they need a health certificate and an airline approved crate, we went with Sky Kennel. No animals can fly into Hawaii in the cabin with their humans by law. However, there is a pressurized, safe cabin away from the cargo hold for your little nuggets.

After 3,000 miles in the car from Eastern Connecticut to LA, it was time to fly with the dogs! We arrived at the airport 3 hours early, and thank goodness we did. There was more paperwork, a $225 ticket for each dog, then several safety inspections. One tip of advice- make sure the crate is much larger than your dog! They are very specific that the dog can turn around and stand up in the crate, so don’t put too much in there either. We did have a sack of treats and some water that helped keep the pups happy through the process. TSA also does a safety inspection, so allow yourself plenty of time before your flight for all of this to be done.

Once the flight arrived in Hawaii, the dogs were transported straight to the quarantine department and processed. It was a Friday night, so we did not get to visit until the following Tuesday, but we did get to visit! The place was great! Their large outdoor kennels also had a shaded indoor area with their blankets and toys. There is an outdoor run with fresh water where they were washed and fed daily. Even though they were separated, my two were right next to each other. We were able to visit and play with them frequently. If they would have had to stay for longer, we could have let them play together when we visited as well. This is about a two-week application process.

The Final Happy Day

May 13th the puppies were released from Quarantine! Walking down the rows up pups I was able to go pick my dogs up and play with them and walk them home. Think of the happiest your pup has ever been when you come back from a trip, double it, and add some extra feels and this may cover an explanation to this glorious day!

A Checklist for You

If you know ahead of time that you are moving to Hawaii, with enough advanced knowledge and planning you can avoid quarantine altogether. (This goes for both dogs and cats.)

All animals need a rabies-titer test done and submitted and received at least 120 days in advance. The blood can be drawn at your local vet, then sent to a lab in Kansas. From there it will be sent to the Department of Agriculture in Hawaii. If you don’t make the 120 days, they will spend the remainder of the time in quarantine. This is what happened to us, but it was only about 15 days. Why are the rules so strict? Hawaii has NO RABIES on the whole islands and really wants to keep it that way. Impressive huh?

Make sure your dog is microchipped as well as spayed/neutered. This will really help the process and help you avoid fines and extra time away from them. Once you are here, be sure to register your pup with the state of Hawaii. This will help to keep them safe if they ever wander too far.

There is a great list here from the State of Hawaii with the various options and programs you have. There is a checklist to get everything you need done ahead of time as well. Planning is key when moving your dog to Hawaii, but the rewards is hundreds of wonderful beach walks and hikes you and your pup can adventure on together!