Camp Dogs

by Susan Kelley

My sweetie and I recently found ourselves at a popular Colorado biking spot on a beautiful spring weekend.  The place was packed; even the overflow camping in the dusty basin, just off the main campground, was full to capacity.

We were lucky and had rolled into a camp just before the folks who could not get out of Denver before 5 pm, came speeding up the road, anxious to be out of the car and take in the marvelous desert place.

We were able to secure a sweet little spot on a campground cul-de-sac, just far enough off the road and not to close to the partiers on the bluff above us.  We generally try to stay away from campgrounds, especially on busy weekends.  We have pretty flexible schedules, don’t have kids, so don’t have to follow a school schedule and we have a dog, so at a campground we often have to tie her up or keep a very close watch on her so she doesn’t go off trolling for hotdogs or chasing after every bunny within a mile.

But this weekend, her freedom was to take a back burner; it could not be helped-it was too beautiful to stay away and we had winter cobwebs to shake out.  We had resigned ourselves to a weekend of watching our dogs’ sad eyes as we kept her close to the camper.

So imagine our surprise as we settled in to watch the sun set on our dusky skyline, and realized we were in a cul-de-sac of Camp Dogs!  Every campsite in our cul-de-sac had at least 1 pup!  Fourteen people and 9 dogs what a marvelous ratio…Our pup was free to run as was Leo, Tina, Driggs, Bozeman, Greg, the little Scottie in the Burberry raincoat whose name I did not catch, Hannah and some little fuzzbutt named Gunnison!

The weekend was delightful and we all had a wonderful time as hotdogs were secured and the bunnies all took off to Kansas for the weekend.

We biked our hearts out on beautiful single track and back at camp there ware no sad eyes to see in our dog, instead there was lots of tail wagging and romping amongst the pups and visits from our new 4 legged friends with treats and water bowls shared.

We were all sad when our time to head back to Boulder arrived and we had to leave the cul-de-sac.  That cul-de-sac had changed my mind on what a campground could be and it had given me a whole new idea of what heaven might be like.

Wag on Camp Dogs!