10 fun adventures you can take with your dog in their ‘Golden Years’!

By Susan Kelley | Susan@Bowwowfilmfest.com

adventures you can take with your dog in their ‘Golden Years’

Adventuring or traveling with your older pup takes a little more care. Gone are the days where my pup and I could roam all day through a wilderness landscape. She is 8 now and has a degenerative spinal issue, but she still loves to get out and sniff new places and see new things! It was a bit of a transition but once I started thinking differently about how we could still have adventures together, we have found all kinds of things to do! And the added bonus is that we have gone to all sorts of great places that I had not been before! With just a little planning with an eye towards her needs, we still have an amazing time getting out and about with my puppers in her golden years!

The things we have listed here can be done with a fairly low level of physical activity but a high fun factor!

Take a tour of a Sculpture Garden!
Sculpture gardens all across the country welcome leashed dogs and don’t forget BYOB-Bring your own (poop) bag! Here are a few highlights!

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden-Minneapolis, MN

Benson Sculpture Garden-Loveland, CO

Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Center-Dowell, MD

Socrates Sculpture Park-Long Island City, NY

Sculpture Fields-Chattanooga, TN

Olympic Sculpture Park-Seattle, WA

Cullen Sculpture Garden, Houston TX

Wandell Sculpture Gardens, Urbana, IL

How about a Drive-In!?
The drive in’s listed here welcome leashed pups so you probably better get the jumbo popcorn and, if you are lucky, maybe you can catch a showing of Lady & The Tramp!
88 Drive In, Denver, CO
Holiday Twin Drive In, Ft Collins, CO
Finger Lakes Drive-In, Aurelius, NY
Monetta Drive-In Theatre “The Big MO”, Monetta, SC
Skyway Drive In Theater, Fish Creek (Door County), WI
Fiesta Drive In, Carlsbad, NM

Got Wine?!

dog friendly vineyards

Turns out many wineries across the country are dog-friendly! Here are a few highlights to whet your whistle!
Madonna Estate, Napa, CA

Sharp Mountain Vineyards, Jasper GA
Sanctuary Vineyards, Jarvisburg, NC
Running Hare Vineyards, Prince Fredrick , MD
Abby Creek Vineyard, North Plains, OR

Does your Pup love a singalong?! How about a local outdoor concert?!-Communities across the county host outdoor concerts in parks! My dog loves the Thursday night concerts at our local park. We take a blanket and she gets plenty of belly rubs and snacks while we enjoy fun, live music!

paddle boarding with dog

Get a paddleboard or canoe and hit the lake! This of course will depend on the size and temperament of your puppers but quite a few friends of mine have found that this is a great lowkey way to hang out with your pup!
Sol Paddleboards in Telluride, Colorado is a favored brand and they are inflatable so you do not have to have a roof rack to get them around!

Doggie trailer-We are still working on training our dog to feel comfortable in hers but we have been having a great time and look forward to some long easy rides along our bike path!

The Beach-My pup loves the water so with her mobility issues it seems that, especially now, any day she gets to play in the water is a great day for her!

We hope you have enjoyed reading our blog! With a little xtra thought, you and your pup can still get out and have a great time even if she is slowing down with age!